What Our Partners Say

The team at UPenn’s Crime and Justice Policy Lab has brought invaluable research knowledge and expertise in helping Baltimore City design its Group Violence Reduction Strategy. The team gets how governments work and what they need, and also knows how to coordinate and rally with community and non-profit partners around the common goal of building a safer city.

–Brandon Scott (Mayor, City of Baltimore)

Working with the Crime and Justice Policy lab was truly a great experience. Not only were they able to provide Oakland with the most through and in-depth evaluation of violence reduction that we have had, but most importantly, they were responsive to community needs that were unique to Oakland. As such, they listened and designed a project to answer questions unique to our community. This level of expertise and analysis will provide Oakland with the information necessary to make important and responsible policy decisions and investments for years to come.

–Reygan E. Cunningham (Former Ceasefire Project Manager, City of Oakland; Senior Partner, California Partnership for Safe Communities)

We’ve had a great partnership with the Crime and Justice Policy Lab for a few years now. They’ve been a strong and valued supporter of our mission and have worked closely with our staff to develop evaluation designs. Their research has been instrumental in the success of Boston Uncornered. More importantly, they truly understand how important the work is and it’s far reaching implications for our communities. This strong commitment to our work has taken them from ‘partner’ to a member of the College Bound family.

–Mark Culliton (Founder and CEO, College Bound Dorchester)

Featured Government Partnerships

Mayor's Office, City of Baltimore

Philadelphia District Attorney

Philadelphia Police Department

Mayor's Office, City of Boston

Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

Boston Police Department

Partners We've Worked With


We work with US governments on the state, local and federal level. We also work with governments internationally through projects with partners such as USAID.


Our non-profit partners are often at the forefront of innovative policy ideas. We use our long experience in this sector to not only assist organizations in conducting research projects, but also building capacity to better understand and use data on their own.

Justice Organizations

We work especially closely with organizations such as district attorneys, violence prevention organizations, and police departments on projects including body-worn cameras, procedural justice, and prosecutorial reform. We have decades of experience working with police on public safety and community engagement projects.

College Bound Dorchester

US Agency for International Development (USAID)

New York Police Department

Inner City Weightlifting

Office of Returning Citizens, Boston

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

The City of Oakland

The Ceasefire Oakland Partnership

California Partnership for Safe Communities

Cambridge Police Department

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives