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Analyzing the Impact of Baltimore’s Group Violence Reduction Strategy in the Western District

Tags: Baltimore Violence Prevention

The team’s preliminary estimates are that, in the 18 months after its introduction in January 2022, GVRS was responsible for reducing homicides and shootings in the Western District by roughly a quarter, […]

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An Evaluation of the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) in Philadelphia

Tags: Philadelphia Violence Prevention

This evaluation suggests “the current GVI implementation in Philadelphia has been associated with significant reductions in group member involved firearm violence. The continued effectiveness of the implementation will likely depend on a range of factors, including necessary adjustments to evolving group activity and firearm violence.”

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Crime Prevention Through Intelligence and Information Sharing: An Evaluation of an Information Intervention at the Philadelphia Police Department

Tags: Philadelphia Police Reform

“The evidence on the effectiveness of the phones is mixed. On the one hand, it is clear that a year after the phones were deployed, relatively few officers are using their phones […]

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Fulfilling the Promise of Public Safety: Some Lessons from Recent Research

Tags: Community Justice Police Reform

“Many American communities are wrestling with how to reform their approach to public safety in the wake of police killings, particularly of Black men. There are many ideas for what the right […]

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Estimating the Effects of Shrinking the Criminal Justice System on Criminal Recidivism

Tags: Juvenile Justice Massachusetts

“We examined the impact of Raise the Age (RTA) in Massachusetts, which increased the maximum jurisdictional age for its juvenile court in late 2013. Using statewide re-arraignment data and a difference-in-differences research […]

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Association Between Structural Housing Repairs for Low-Income Homeowners and Neighborhood Crime

Tags: Philadelphia Urban Planning and Crime

“The results suggest that structural, scalable, and sustainable place-based interventions should be considered by policy makers who seek to address crime through non–police interventions.” Association Between Structural Housing Repairs for Low-Income Homeowners […]

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Low-Touch, Misdemeanor Diversion Programs with Record Expungement Reduce Reconviction Rates

Tags: Diversion Philadelphia

“The study shows that low-touch diversion programs like Philadelphia’s Accelerated Misdemeanor Program (AMP) can increase clean-slate exits from the criminal justice system and reduce recidivism.” Low-Touch, Misdemeanor Diversion Programs with Record Expungement […]

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Recidivism Analysis Research Brief: Community Justice Support Centers

Tags: Massachusetts Reentry

“Community Justice Support Centers (CJSCs) are an innovative, court-run initiative that combine traditional community monitoring with treatment, education, and career services to keep clients that are at high-risk for recidivism out of […]

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Reforming the Police Through Procedural Justice Training: A Multicity Randomized Trial at Crime Hot Spots

Tags: Police Reform

“The training led to increased knowledge about Procedural Justice (PJ) and more procedurally just behavior in the field as compared with the Standard Condition (SC) condition. At the same time, PJ officers […]

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Reducing Crime by Remediating Vacant Lots: The Moderating Effect of Nearby Land Uses

Tags: Philadelphia Urban Planning and Crime Violence Prevention

“Vacant lot greening was estimated to reduce total crime and multiple subcategories in both the quasi-experimental and experimental evaluations. Remediating vacant lots had a smaller effect on reducing crime when they were […]

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