Desiree Dusseault

Desiree Dusseault is a Senior Consultant for the Crime and Justice Policy Lab. In this role, she works with CJP on projects for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) related to tracking and understanding the sale of illegal guns in the US. Aside from her work with CJP, she works as a Senior Project Manager at the Edward Davis Company. Before joining CJP as a consultant, Dusseault worked for the organization full time as Senior Manager of Criminal Justice Projects.

Prior to joining CJP, Desiree served as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Boston Police Department. As Deputy Chief of Staff, Desiree identified and addressed organizational issues throughout the Department’s bureaus and provided project oversight to many high-profile initiatives, such as the Boston Police Body Worn Camera Program and Boston Police Homicide Initiative.¬†¬†Desiree was also formerly a project management specialist at Boston Medical Center and received her BA in Political Science from Northeastern University.